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Gulf Oil's Products

Gulf Oil takes great pride in its product range, and there are now products suitable for use in almost every type of vehicle and machine. Lubricants play an important part in our range, but as well as engine oils, gear oils and greases, we also have a high quality selection of automatic transmission fluids (ATF), hydraulic fluids, brake fluids, coolants and cleaning products for a broad scope of applications.

Gulf has a range of standard products developed for automotive applications, aimed at general motorists using passenger cars, SUVs/jeeps, motorcycles, vans and light commercial vehicles. Additional automotive products include specialist classic/vintage car motor oils, and high performance race lubricants and fluids for competition and rallying, as used by the Aston Martin Racing team.

For commercial feet and haulage use such as lorries, trucks and buses, Gulf can offer a selection of heavy duty diesel engine oils, transmission and hydraulic fluids developed for specialist and multi-purpose applications. These products are formulated for all types of engines and machinery, using synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral base oils blended with selected additives to reduce exhaust emissions and inhibit corrosion.

Our agricultural use products cover all types of farm equipment and machinery, from tractors, forestry machinery and quad bikes, to small engined equipment such as chainsaws, power washers and ride-on lawnmowers. Gulf offers specifically formulated universal tractor and transmission oils, along with standard heavy duty diesel engine oils, greases, and a specialist milking machine oil for the dairy farmer.

For plant and machinery in construction, earthmoving and mining applications, Gulf offers heavy duty compressor oils, hydraulic fluids and extreme pressure (EP) industrial gear oils for severe use in a wide range of operating conditions.

Gulf has an extensive range of oils, fluids and coolants for industrial use and specific applications including; metalworking cutting oils and coolants, refrigeration oils, slideway lubricants, turbine oils, hydraulic fluids and extreme pressure gear oils. We provide gas engine oils for forklifts and other industrial machinery, and food-grade gear oils and hydraulic fluids.

For Rail and marine applications, Gulf has established high performance locomotive diesel engine oils for modern trains or stationary engines and robust marine diesel engine oils for ships, ferries and fishing trawlers. These are supported by two stroke, four stroke and gear oils for inboard/outboard motors and personal watercraft operating under a wide range of conditions.

All products are made to exacting quality-standards, monitored and certified by the ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association), API (American Petroleum Institute) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization). Gulf is committed to offering high quality products that constantly evolve and develop to meet and exceed the highest industry standards, and have OEM Approvals from manufacturers such as:- Man, Volvo, Scania, Mercedes, VW, BMW, Opel, Renault and DAF.

Please use our online database to select the perfect lubricant for your vehicle:- Find Your Oil