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Plant & Machinery Compressor Oils by Gulf Oil Ireland

The Compressor Oils section of the Plant & Machinery category covers all types of equipment and machinery used in construction, earth moving, quarrying and mining. This covers off-road vehicles including; compressors and drilling equipment.

Our range of Compressor Oils products include;

  • Ashless compressor oil
  • Advanced synthetic ashless compressor oil

The Gulf Fidelity range of ashless compressor oils and high-performance air compressor oils is specially designed to meet the stringent requirements of major compressor manufacturers. They are formulated with high-quality base oils and carefully-selected performance additives, to provide excellent protection against oxidation degradation, rust and corrosion, foaming and entrained air.

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Gulf Fidelity 32 [Ref:4706]Technical Data Sheet

Gulf Fidelity 46 [Ref:4707]Technical Data Sheet

Gulf Fidelity 68 [Ref:4708]Technical Data Sheet

Gulf Fidelity 100 [Ref:4709]Technical Data Sheet

Gulf Fidelity is a high performance ashless air compressor oil specially designed for both reciprocating and rotary air compressors. These oils are formulated with high quality base oils and carefully selected performance additives to provide excellent protection against oxidation degradation, rust & corrosion and foaming & entrained air.

  • Controls the formation of sludge & varnish
  • Improved valve performance
  • Reduced potential for fires
  • Exceptional wear and rust protection
  • Superior demulsibility

Reciprocating air compressors operating with a high discharge temperatures of up to 220ÂșC.
Rotary screw and vane compressors.
Axial and centrifugal compressors.
Also used in circulating oil systems, plain and rolling element bearings, lightly loaded gear sets, etc
See datasheet for details.

Gulf Fidelity PA 32 [Ref:4806]Technical Data Sheet

Gulf Fidelity PA 46 [Ref:4807]Technical Data Sheet

Gulf Fidelity PA 68 [Ref:4808]Technical Data Sheet

Gulf Fidelity PA 100 [Ref:4809]Technical Data Sheet

Gulf Fidelity PA is an advanced fully synthetic ashless air compressor lubricant developed for use in rotary compressors of screw or vane design, reciprocating compressors and centrifugal compressors. The synthetic Polyalphaolefin (PAO) base fluids blended with advanced additives provide effective lubrication of equipment working in extreme temperatures and severe operating conditions.

  • Excellent anti-wear protection
  • Longer oil and equipment life
  • Low varnish and carbon forming
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Minimises oil filter blockage in wet conditions
  • Low oil consumption
  • Good anti-foaming properties
  • Good air release properties
  • Superior demulsibility
  • Protection against rust and corrosion
  • Compatible with mineral lubricants, seals and paints
  • Extra long drain performance

Extremely high performance compressor oil for Single or multiple stage rotary screw or vane, centrifugal compressors and reciprocating compressors.
Compressors used in mobile and stationary applications

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