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Truck & Bus Brake Fluids by Gulf Oil Ireland

The Brake Fluids section of the Truck & Bus category covers all types of vehicles used by commercial road transport drivers. This covers both privately owned and fleet operated heavy duty on-road vehicles including; rigid lorries, large / heavy goods vehicles (LGV / HGV), coaches, buses, concrete trucks, tanker trucks, refrigerated trucks and crane trucks.

Our main brake fluid for these types of vehicles is a poly glycol based DOT4 brake fluid designed for use in disc, drum & Anti-locking Brake Systems (ABS). It contains oxidation and corrosion inhibitors to resist oxidation at the high temperatures encountered in the disc braking systems and to provide superior protection against corrosion of metallic components of the brake system.

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Gulf Super Brake Fluid DOT 4 [Ref:6404]Technical Data Sheet

Gulf Super Brake Fluid DOT 4 is high performance poly glycol based brake fluid designed for use in disc, drum & Anti-locking Brake Systems (ABS) of passenger cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles operating under moderate to severe conditions. Due to its higher boiling point, this product reduces the impact of moisture absorption and provides reliable braking performance.

  • High boiling point provides reliable braking performance
  • Resists oxidation at high temperatures
  • Superior high temperature stability
  • Superior and low temperature fluidity
  • Long term corrosion protection
  • Provides lubricity and system protection
  • Compatible with all seals and metals

Universal application including all hydraulic brake fluid systems in trucks, buses and commercial vehicles where DOT 4 is specified. Disc and drum brakes including modern vehicles fitted with ABS requiring DOT 4 quality fluids. Can also be used in hydraulic brake systems of vehicles requiring DOT 3 or SAE J 1703 quality fluids, and hydraulic clutch systems requiring fluids of this quality.

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