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Automotive Classic Car Oils by Gulf Oil Ireland

The Classic Car Oils section of the Automotive category covers all types of classic and vintage vehicles used by general motorists and enthusiasts. Gulf has recently introduced a new engine oil range specifically formulated for these older car engines. It is available in 5 litre metal cans, typical of the packaging used before plastic bottles became more popular.

Older cars have engines that were designed when lubricants were different in their composition from today. These engines have metallurgy and engineering tolerances that have worked well with the heavier grade oils that were commonplace in the 1960s and 1970s.

Older oils also contained higher levels of anti-wear additives than modern lubricants, which are formulated with strict limits on certain elements, in order to be compatible with modern exhaust after-treatment systems, such as catalytic converters.

These oils will effectively lubricate older style engines, eg those built pre 1980, but are NOT recommended for use in more modern engines where engine speeds, pressures, temperatures and exhaust systems require the latest lubrication chemistry.

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Gulf Classic 30 [Ref:GU13745]Technical Data Sheet

Gulf Classic 50 [Ref:GU13755]Technical Data Sheet

Gulf Classic 20w50 [Ref:GU13765]Technical Data Sheet

Gulf Classic is a 100% high quality mineral mono grade oil for petrol and diesel engines especially formulated with supplementary zinc additives and suited for use in classic cars.

  • Very good lubrication of traditional metal engine parts
  • Excellent protection against wear
  • High protection against corrosion
  • Compatible with classic seals and rubbers
  • Good anti-foam properties
  • No danger of encrusted dirt becoming unstuck

Primary Function: Suitable for all classic or vintage petrol and diesel engines in cars, vans and trucks.